Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Pregnancy

I am currently pregnant with my second son but I will be talking about my experience with my first pregnancy.

First of all my husband just got home from Iraq and we have only been married for about 4 weeks. No I wasn't pregnant when we got married because well I was on the last day of my period when we got married. Anyway, 4 weeks later I did not know I was pregnant and my husband and I decided to go to 6 Flags. I was good the whole day but towards the end of the night I wanted Vanilla dip n dots. We were about to go on Goliath and there was a stand right out side selling them. I wanted to buy some but he said lets wait until after. Well we get on the ride but the park was closing soon so no one was in line and they let us ride it 2 to 3 times without getting off. By the time we got off the ride the stand was closed. He said there are others open so we find one but they did not have Vanilla and I had a complete melt down. Started crying and I turned into a royal b!tch. Years later he told me when that happened he just looked and me and thought "oh God what did I get myself into".  We have only been married for a month and I have never had a meltdown or tantrum like that before.

My second major melt down was around the same week. My husband always smacked my butt hard and it never fazed me. It was just a thing he always did. One day I was in the bathroom getting ready and he came behind and smacked my butt not even as hard as normal and I just started balling yelling "that hurt!" He just looked at me like what in the world just happened.

There was a bunch of little incidents that happened through out my pregnancy. I was constantly sick but never threw up. For awhile I could only eat Olive Garden salad. One time I asked him to make me Mac N cheese and he didn't measure and put too much milk. I turned into a 3 year old and got so mad and just said I'm not going to eat and was rude and yet again cried. I was a royal you know what the whole pregnancy. I was so emotional and constantly cried over everything.  I also had sever motion sickness even when I drove my car. I gained 42  pounds and was just miserable. My pregnancy wasn't ideal for me or my husband. My son was finally born that was another nightmare. Let's just say before we got married we wanted 3 or 4 kids but after my son, my husband was done. It took me 6 years of begging, pleading, and bargaining to agree to have another and so glad because this pregnancy is so different.

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