Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Fleece blanket

So Saturday is my baby shower and I want my 6 year old to feel special and included in everything and since we are painting his room in red, white, and blue I wanted to make him a blanket to match. His room is going to be super hero themed but my fabric store did not have all of them on one. His daddy was in the Marine Corps and our son knows they are heroes so I picked that pattern. It helps that it will match the room as well.
You will first need 2 types of fleece fabric. I chose a pattern for one side and a solid color for the other. You will also need a good pair of scissors, piece of paper, and a ruler.
First, lay the fabrics down. One on top of the other and trim the sides to make sure they are the same size.
Second, cut a piece a paper 4"x4". I use this template to cut the corners. 
Third, cut all four corners with the template. Then lay the 8 pieces in a line on one side like below. This lets you know how deep you are to cut for the strips which is approximately 4 inches. I only use the ruler for this part to make sure the squares are placed 4 inches from the edge so you only measure 8 times instead of the 50+ time you will need to cut.
I then started cutting each piece using my thumb to measure. Each cut is about 1 in. I wouldn't go too big because it is harder to tie.

After I cut one side all the way. I tie the end ones right away just in case I have to stop and continue another time or a kid runs across the blanket and messes it up. It will hold it in place without needles.

Above is the way I tie them together. I use this technique because it stays better and it is faster.
Once all four sides are cut and the ends are tied I can pick the blanket up and get comfortable in my recliner and start tying all the way around.

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY fleece blanket. Better yet I hope my son enjoys it more.


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    1. I actually really enjoyed making them. Looks like I know what everyone is getting for xmas.