Friday, May 31, 2013

Opertation Red Bikini results

I have always struggled with weight. In high school I was healthy and not over weight but I thought I was.
High School Jr year 2003

College 2005 believe it or not I weighed 160 and was only 17-18% body fat.
About 190 lbs on my wedding day.
Dec 2009 I was working out for a couple months and got down to 165.
Oct 2011Gained it all back and I was at about 195 here.

 I was very athletic growing up which kept my weight healthy but when I got married and had a kids life hit me. So when I saw the scale read 217 back in October 2012 I was devastated. That is the most I have ever weighed. What made things worse was I finally got the courage to take family pictures and cried because I hated them. The photographer did an awesome job but you can't hide all the weight..

Love my son in this picture but I look pregnant.
Another one I would love but I hate the huge double chin.
I started doing insanity the end of October 2012 but got hurt yet again 2 weeks later. Around December I came across Mama Laughlin's blog and loved it. I loved that she didn't sugar coat anything about weight loss. She tells it like it is and got me wanting to start my own blog. I started stocking some other blogs and loved the community and support. Then I came across Southern Girl Gets Fit and read about Operation Red Bikini in February and got excited about working out again. I have lost 30 since February and had to buy a new bathing suiting. No its not a red bikini but I had a new one in January and I was swimming in it (literally) and had to buy a new one in May.

I still have tons of work to do.
But I am proud of what I have done so far.
Maybe I will start a new link up to keep the motivation going. I look forward to reading these stories because success stories motivate me.


  1. 30 pounds?! That's awesome!! Congrats and way to go girl!

    1. Thank you. Starting to losing motivation but reading every one progress has really helped.

  2. Awesome job! 30lbs is amazing in such a short time, keep up the good work!

  3. WOWSA!!!! 30 pounds?! GO GIRL! You look amazing, congratulations lady! That hard work is paying off!!!!

    1. Thanks that means a lot coming from you. You are on my top 3 bloggers have "stalk" and give me motivation. Thank you for doing this.