Weight Loss

I have always struggled with weight. In high school I was healthy and not over weight but I thought I was.
High School Jr year 2003

College 2005 believe it or not I weighed 160 and was only 17-18% body fat.
About 190 lbs on my wedding day.
Dec 2009 I was working out for a couple months and got down to 165.
Oct 2011Gained it all back and I was at about 195 here.

 I was very athletic growing up which kept my weight healthy but when I got married and had a kids life hit me. So when I saw the scale read 217 back in October 2012 I was devastated. That is the most I have ever weighed. What made things worse was I finally got the courage to take family pictures and cried because I hated them. The photographer did an awesome job but you can't hide all the weight..

Love my son in this picture but I look pregnant.
Another one I would love but I hate the huge double chin.
I started doing insanity the end of October 2012 but got hurt yet again 2 weeks later. Around December I came across Mama Laughlin's blog and loved it. I loved that she didn't sugar coat anything about weight loss. She tells it like it is and got me wanting to start my own blog. I started stocking some other blogs and loved the community and support. Then I came across Southern Girl Gets Fit and read about Operation Red Bikini in February and got excited about working out again. I have lost 30 since February and had to buy a new bathing suiting. No its not a red bikini but I had a new one in January and I was swimming in it (literally) and had to buy a new one in May.

I still have tons of work to do.
But I am proud of what I have done so far.

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