Thursday, June 6, 2013

Was excited now disappointed!

So I saw an add on Facebook for a local gym about doing insanity as a group. They stated it would cost $45.50 a month but it is 6 days a week. I was like ok I can do that. I kept reading and disappointment sets in.

You also have to pay an additional cost of $35.00 a month for the gym membership. So I commented so your saying in order to do this insanity program you have to pay $80.50 a month? In a nut shell their response was pretty much  yes but you get to also use all the gym equipment during the hours of 1pm-9pm(that's the only time they are open) The price is a lot but it helps people be successful when they do it as a group. Plus the DVD program is pricey. I said but what about the people that don't need the gym (my apartment has a full gym that is 24 hours) and I have the DVDs but I live in an upstairs apartment so I can't do them. So I would really like to do this group thing. Their response "we can't help you. sorry. good luck"

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind paying to do this.

My husband was laughing at me and making fun of me because I was getting flustered. Here is my reasoning:

1. Why are you charging more for the insanity than your own gym? $35 for the gym and $45.50 for the class. (they say the DVDs cost a lot) Which brings me to my next issue.

2. Why pay $80.50 a month to do it when you can get the DVDs for $90-100 (sometimes cheaper) and you can do it as long as you want?

3. Why would you want to use the rest of the gym when the insanity would be 6 days a week and that kicks your @$$ as is.

4. You know you are over charging if you say well we can't help you and delete my questions. I can't even find the post anymore.

I didn't mean for my questions to sound ugly when asking about why it was so much. I guess I could of worded it better.

That brings me to why I'm disappointed. I thought it was a great idea and would totally do it but I think it is over priced. This is an extremely small town and I do not see many people paying $80 for a class but good for them if they have a good turn out. I would of been all for paying the $45.50 and doing it but being forced to pay for a gym I would use is different. This town is nothing but miners the work 12 hour shift work. I do not know how they expect to get business if they are only open during those hours. The gym doesn't look like it has a lot of equipment. Maybe it's the city girl in me where I been to a 24 fitness and planet fitness. The gyms are fully stocked, you could go at anytime, and not have to pay extra for a class.

Let me know what your thoughts are? Am I just crazy or do you think $80.50 a month is a good deal?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4 year old Super Hero!

Two nights ago my 4 year old and I went swimming. I forgot his floaties but told him not to go in too far. The pool is one you can just walk in like the beach. There was a little 2 year old boy also without floaties and the mom was sitting really far away. I was sitting in the Jacuzzi but was keeping a close eye on him. I'm paranoid. Mitchell goes in almost to his shoulders I tell him he is going to far. The little boy fallows  my son and now he's under the water. The mom runs over and starts screaming and doesn't even go in to get her son. I tell Mitchell pick him up. So Mitchell picks up the boy and carries him to the little boy's mom. The little boy was under for a while but starts coughing so he was ok. My 4 year old just saved a little boys life. The worse part about it was the mom starting yelling at the 6 year old little girl because she wasn't watching her brother. The 6 year old was in the Jacuzzi. Why wasn't the mom sitting on the end of the pool where the 2 year old was playing? It was night time and you can hardly see a crossed the pool at night. Not only that the 6 year old had floaties on not the 2 year old. Why are you making a non swimmer watch another non swimmer? Maybe I am just a paranoid mom but when it comes to water and babies it makes me have anxiety.
On a cute note, Mitchell's words when we get home "I'm a super hero" as he flexes his arms. Yes you are my boy.