Saturday, December 20, 2014

Teacher's Mason Jar gift

So every year I try to think of something clever to give my son's teachers. I took to Pinterest and found some good gift ideas. I took a couple and made my own. I had most of these items on hand but the pins and those paint colors.
What you will need:
  • Glue gun
  • 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • mason jar (your preferred size)
  • Magnet pins (Walmart in the office area)
  • Acrylic Paint Red, Green, and Brow (not shown)
  • Green foam paper
  • Black sharpie (not shown)
I first took the lip off the jar and turned it upside down. I painted the body red. You will need to put at least 2-3 coats. Make sure the first coat is completely dry before putting on another or the paint will just come off. 
I painted the lid green because I thought it would be too much red. As you can see it was the first coat and I had to add 2 more or the writing would show.
I kept the ring red like the body of the jar. Again use at least 2-3 coats.
Since the pins are magnets I placed them on a can so I could paint them without getting the paint on my hands. I originally was going to paint it green but decided brown would look better.  

While the paint dried in between coats I cut out the leafs. I did not measure because leafs are never perfect. I used the black sharpie for the lines.

I would paint another coat then hot glued the leafs together in a V shape. As soon as all the paint was dried I placed a couple of hot glue drops on the inside of the rim and placed the lid on the rim so it would stay together when opening the jar. I screwed on the lid so the lid would stay. I then placed the hot glue on the bottom of the brown magnet pin and placed it on the middle of the lid. I placed some more hot glue on the bottom of the V the leafs made and placed it next to the magnet. (see pictures below)

Since I know my son can be a handful but still is a sweet little boy I came up with this saying. My son has an amazing teacher that understands the struggles he has to deal with. I placed peanut M&Ms in the jar to go with the saying.
Let me know if there are any homemade gifts you have given you child's teachers. I love new ideas for any holiday.

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