Monday, February 25, 2013

Biggest Loser Week 8

It's already week 8 and now I really need to focus. This week I feel I slacked. I had the best intensions in the beginning of the week then I lose it and I don't mean pounds. Well, I did lose 2 pounds and that is awesome but I feel I could of lost more if I staid on track. I got 3 workouts in but not the 5 I wanted and in the beginning of the week I ate very well but I ate out 4 times this week and 3 restaurants and 1 fast food. The hubby works shift work and when he is off he always wants to eat out!  To top it off or call it karma but I was eating really well then the first day we went out I had Mexican food. OMG I felt so sick!! I don't know what it was but I think it was from all the grease and oils they used but I wanted to puke. I know shame on me. Anyways besides those eating out meals everything else I ate was pretty healthy and there were times I wanted to just munch on something (chips & salsa or anything with cheese) but there wasn't anything to munch on in the house so that was good. I made it that way on purpose.
My weekend recap
Saturday I woke up with a  pounding headache that wouldn't go away. Every time I moved my head the headache would move so that determined  I had a sinus headache and sinus pressure. On top of that I had tons of homework due Sunday night so I had to try to get some done. (procrastinated big time this week)Didn't get much done.
Sunday I woke up to an even worse headache but I had so much homework it didn't matter. It took me about 4-5 hours to do my homework and my headache just got worse as the day went on. I took medicine we even sat in the Jacuzzi but nothing. So I have been up all night with this damn pain in the ass headache and can't seems to get rid of it.
Favorite of the week!!
Almost everyday for breakfast I have been drink this smoothie. It is Carnation breakfast powder no sugar added Milk Chocolate, with a cup of almond milk, a banana, and ice. I LOVE it!!! I love crunching on ice so it really helps when I have the munchies and it fills me up and taste so good.
Hubby said he would go on the diet with me but he is making it difficult. He has been off since Thursday and still hasn't gone to the gym but at least he is eating the healthy food I cook for him when he isn't begging to out and eat.
Week 2
Weight: 209
Pant Size: I'm the same. 16/18
Week 7
Weight: 209 (same but at least I didn't gain)
Paint Size: 16/18
Week 8
Weight: 207
Paint Size: 16/18
Goals for this week
*Watch my portions (try to count calories)
*Get at least 5 work outs (I got Sunday and Monday done!)