Thursday, March 28, 2013

In a rut!

I can't get out of this rut I am in. I will eat good for 2 days then blow it. I think it has a lot to do with my husband being off for 7 days and he always wants to eat out. I know everyone says to check the website and look at the calories before hand but its impossible here. There is nothing but mom and pop shops that do not have websites or calories on menus. Most of the time the only place to eat is Mexican food. Oh! and a Chinese buffet that my husband insisted on going to and this happened.
 I do not have many choices out here in this small town. We do have a Chilies and I love their margarita chicken but you can only go there so many times because they get pricey. We also went out of town this weekend and had a baby shower to go to as well so I was screwed. Gained a couple of pounds and I have to hurry and get them off because the dietbet I am on ends soon.

On a good note I worked out on Monday and did this.
Oh and I finally got some compression socks because I have been getting shin splints.
Ok I need help people. After that work out which was leg day my ass and thighs have been killing me. Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely sit down or get out of my car. I did work out Wednesday. I did the first day of C25K and arms but man I could barely do the first day of C25K because my legs were so sore! Anyone have advise. I love the feeling because I know I worked out hard but I don't want it to prevent me form working out the next day or not being able to work out as intense.

Weight: 215
Pant Size: I'm the same. 16/18

Weight: 209
Pant Size: I'm the same. 16/18

Weight: 209 (same but at least I didn't gain)
Paint Size: 16/18 

Weight: 207
Paint Size: 16/18

Weight: 201
Paint Size: 16/18 But getting big!

Weight: 200.4
Pant Size: 16/18 Falling off.
Pant Size: 13/14

Goals for this week

*Get at least 5 work outs
*Lose 2 lbs

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